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About The Snowy Haven

The Snowy Haven is a place of kindness, a small private sanctuary for injured and orphaned wildlife located in the picturesque town of Nimmitabel, on the Snowy Mountains high plains.

As for me, I've been a wildlife carer for five years. Aside from that I work in human centred design and used to be a diplomat. Although I grew up in the country as a child, it is needless to say that I've got a lot of skills to catch-up on - like mending fences and managing weeds.


The sanctuary is currently a work in progress, and you can follow my journey to bring it to life here. 


I'm sure there will be plenty of (hopefully) entertaining stories as I attempt to re-acquaint myself with country life, I may even be able to share a few somewhat helpful tips for anyone else crazy enough to take on something like this, and *fingers crossed* there will also be a few wins along the way!

 ~ Sarah

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