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Entry #2 - Gratitude

As we enter the New Year I wanted to reflect on some of the positives from this year, and most specifically the people, who helped me come through it. Any successes from here on out can be considered shared successes with you all.

Firstly, thank you to my amazing siblings, parents and aunty for letting me stay with you, listening to me when I was upset, making sure I was still performing basic human functions like sleeping and eating, helping me prepare the house for sale, packing, moving and looking after my indoor plants.

Damara, you get your own line for helping me so much when everything was really raw and painful, letting me crash at your place – twice – and helping me move.

The next shoutout is for Becca, thank you for your help packing and for volunteering to look after my cat whilst I’m between homes. Also, to Lucy, Naomi, Rachel, Aaron and Josh, thank you for your support and for being such great listeners.

To Mineka, Bowan, Isabella and Inez, for being such supportive friends and helping me navigate a complex legal landscape.

Chynna, thank you for your friendship, and for being so flexible with me whilst I get my life sorted enough to move my future horse onto my own block of land.

To Taylor, you’re an amazing friend and totally killed it as our real estate agent as well.

To my colleagues:

  • Kate, thank you for being the best boss anyone could ever ask for.

  • Lachie, I’m so glad to have been in the same team as you for so many years now and thank you so much for your help moving, doing tip runs and storing my stuff.

  • Jae, Mark, Bernie, Trixie and Sue Ann, if there were more leaders like you the world would be a much better place.

  • Sav, Will and Blake – pretty sure I’m the one who is supposed to be supporting you, but I appreciate all of your support nonetheless.

  • Clare and Anna, our chats have been really therapeutic and I appreciate you both a lot.

To Janet and Steven for always being such amazing neighbours and looking after my pets so that I could go and visit my family.

To Michael, for not only being an incredible gardener but also such a kind and genuine person.

Finally, to Belinda, for your kind words and inspiration. I’ve included one of my favourite quotes from Emboldened below, for me it sums up pretty nicely how I'm feeling now and my hopes for 2024.

“It doesn’t matter that your life is in pieces right now… just start putting the pieces together, bit by bit, always holding the vision of what would be a wonderful life for you, and eventually the picture will start to form.” – Belinda Alexandra

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