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Entry #4 - A fresh start

The past week has been pretty intense but also exciting as I finally got to move into what will become the snowy haven.

It's a huge privilege to become the custodian of the 120-year-old church and also an exciting new chapter as I get to make it my own.

I'm pretty proud of what I've achieved so far so I thought I'd share the journey with you as well as some of the before and after shots from the past week. My goal was to make the space as cosy and hyggeligt as possible.

I've also met a few of my neighbours now, all have made me feel very welcome (including bringing me raw homemade honey, helping with a bit of the fence painting and getting my wardrobe inside).

There are definitely plenty of moments where I find myself thinking "what have I done!?" and I'm still getting used to living alone but I'm slowly starting to settle into my new reality. My fresh start.

So that's where I'm at for now.

It's back to work on Monday but I'm looking forward to what comes next (like setting up the wildlife enclosures for the sanctuary I have planned).

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